Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive Web Apps

The world first heard about progressive web apps in 2015. The next year we met the pioneers of this technology, and in 2018 progressive Web Applications seem to have become the major competitor of native mobile apps.

Progressive web apps (or PWAs) are websites that feel like native mobile apps. Thanks to service workers, they can work offline, delivering an extraordinary user experience.

The users can save the shortcut to the website on their home screen if they use it frequently. As the most information is stored in the cache, the app loads instantly. Service workers run in the background and ensure that the latest information is cached every time the device is connected to the internet. The ability to work without any connection is one of the major advantages of progressive web apps.

PWAs are gaining traction and becoming a true web development trend. Some world’s leading companies prove the efficiency of this technology.

The e-commerce website Flipkart experienced a 70% increase in conversions and tripled the time spent on their site after the launch of the PWA version of the website. And the informational website The Washington Post reported an almostfivefold increase in user engagement.

PWAs have fewer features on iOS devices since the platform doesn’t support service workers. However, Flipkart and The Washington Post have proved that the progressive web apps significantly improve user engagement and conversions on all platforms. The UX of the PWAs plays the key role.

After such inspiring examples, the world awaits the hype around the progressive web applications in 2018. Even though the technology is quite new, its prospects look very promising.

Online customer support

Progressive Web Apps

2016 was the year of chatbots. 2017 is the year of helpful chatbots. Since there are thousands of bots out now, the quality of their services will be the next web development trend.

The prediction is that 85% of all customer interactions will proceed without human assistance till 2020.

A customer service chatbot becomes a must on almost every website. Whether you are selling electronics, crocheted toys or software development services, you should have a chatbot.

The conversational interface has transformed the way businesses interact with their customers. Having a bot on the company’s website ensures you are in contact with your client at any time, in any situation.

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